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Welcome back F&N manifestors to another month and another Kismet Creations article, an actionable roadmap for manifesting your dream career. If you’re new, I recommend starting with the first article to help you formulate your manifestation list, afterward move onto discovering your worth and then from there compile a list of your expanders. And if you’ve been with us for the past few months, let’s get started! 

Today, we’re going to take that expanders list a bit further by walking you through (tried and true) tips for allowing our subconscious to expand enough to believe we can too have that job. This is a pillar in manifestation in which I am purely fascinated by - this concept of seeing is believing. As we know, manifestation takes work. There’s a formula to it that requires daily practice sprinkled with a touch of humility and a dash of softness as we slowly break down our ego, shadow and limiting beliefs and start exposing our authentic self. So without further ado, let’s begin. 

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Grace Abbott