To Immerse.

by Carter Norvell

When you think of taking a break from your work, what does that truly look and feel like to you? Take a second and visualize. Take yourself there for a minute or two. And no, we are not talking about taking time away just to be stuck chasing Wi-Fi, answering your ringing phone, and worrying incessantly about why you even decided to do this. Sink deeper. What does it mean to truly take a moment – separate from your work? 

Image 01 •  Paula Bartosiewicz

Image 01 • Paula Bartosiewicz

We are shedding light on the beauty and impact of true disconnect from the daily tasks that make up our never-ending to do lists we have running through our mind (most likely even as you take 3 minutes to read this). An oasis from the steady hum that follows us through our daily routines. There is a stigma and therefore uneasiness that accompanies the idea of taking time away from our work. One is made to feel inactive, complacent, stagnant, empty even, for providing themselves with this intimate personal time. The mindset surrounding this tender and loving reset you deserve to gift yourself must be shifted. We must treat ourselves and our expectations with a greater sense of gentleness and grace. A break is a breath, an immersion, an awakening – in complete connection to one’s self.

No matter your title and the commitments that come alongside – CEO, mother, father, partner, manager, creator, provider, supporter, freelancer – you deserve time for yourself. You know greater than anyone the responsibilities, the hard work, and the sacrifices you take on as the sun rises each morning.

Image 02 •  Paula Bartosiewicz

Image 02 • Paula Bartosiewicz

Being able to immerse yourself in a new space allows for you to re-center yourself as a whole. A deeply craved realignment of yourself – giving your mind, body, and soul time to beautifully connect amongst one another. Your thoughts, your inner narratives, the never-ending chit-chat that feeds or harms your spirit. How each of these flow into your physical form – the hurt or the health. And with that, how you visualize your capabilities, your worth, your impact, your power to create. An unexplored perspective quickly turned a new vision, a unique direction. Without this, you may not be in your most authentic state, providing the world the rawest, most inspired version of yourself. This time is healing from the inside out. This time is reconnecting with every element that beautifully forms your entire being.

Taking this step out, is taking a much deeper step in. Into your deepest thoughts, your truest manifestions, your wildest dreams. Every inch of your imagination being explored and crafted into a potential reality.

Your work is your craft, your art, your soul’s language. Take time to reignite the flame of passion and creativity that effortlessly brings this work to life. Prioritize yourself as an artist, as you are the beholder of the gifts that translate into the work you provide yourself and others. Visualize what your oasis entails – a new space, a new state of mind, a new experience, a new practice, a new community, a new endeavor. Dig deep to uncover what would feed your being and your craft deeper than anything else. Soak in the understanding that giving yourself this time to disconnect will only bring deeper connection in all senses upon return. To take a step back is to take a step deeper – to immerse within. 

Our List:

Watching the sun rise over the ocean with journal in hand

A camping trip with a special human surrounded by nature

Dedicating time to reading a book throughout the week

Creating and sharing a meal with others

An afternoon breathwork session 

A leisure walk connecting to the natural environment