Who We Are

Inspired by creativity, simplicity & integrity.

ōSHen, (pronunciation of ocean) was formed to engage the power of creativity. We are an agency dedicated to bringing forth iconic, stand out brands and supporting those clients in building thriving businesses and communities. Our journey has allowed us to hone our process of harnessing and feeding creativity through holistic tools, and we now share that with others through our creative retreats and workshops all over the world. We are founded with a simple intention— to hold space for creative expression as a catalyst for genuine healing and change in the world.


Make something of substance

Founded by Creative Director, Amanda Chase, a practitioner and teacher of holistic wellness. Inspired by a deep desire to help others live their most authentic life, ōSHen Creative was created. Her vision is to collaborate to spread deep healing, nourishment, and empowerment to creatives, the wellness industry and those deeply desiring to connect to their creative nature.

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